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An Ancient Evil -Teaser 5

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Meet Dork and Halli

The warrior materialised before him. The half-orc stood taller than Dane had expected; a half-head taller than Dane himself. And the beast was solid.

‘Duh, what d’ya want?’

‘What’s your name?’ Dane asked, feeling foolish because it was the one thing he hadn’t looked at when he had examined the stats.’

‘I am Dork Ul Mansak.’

‘I hear half-orcs are very fierce fighters.’

‘I’m half-orc, half-ogre, half-troll and half-pixie.’

‘Ah,’ Dane said, understanding now where the size came from. He’d been thinking half-orc meant half-human. He smiled. ‘Wouldn’t that make you two men?’

The half-ogre, half-troll glared at him. ‘I fight like ten ogres.’

Dane’s smile faded. The creature was going to be bloody difficult …

The avatar ignored the half-orc, glanced over the posters, and chose quickly. He was anxious to get started.

The tavern door began to glow as the elf materialised before him.

She was pretty in the willowy manner of elves while her charisma and intelligence scores indicated that she might be a pleasant companion. Her agility and dexterity scores were high as befitted an elf ranger. If her wisdom was low, that didn’t matter. She wasn’t going to be a cleric. Her strength was a little lower than he would have liked but then she wasn’t going to be a front-line fighter. He decided his second choice had been a wise one.

‘How can I help you?’ the elf asked.

‘Duh, magic.’ Dork said.

Dane frowned at the half-orc before turning back to the elf who was waiting patiently and smiling.

‘You’re Halli.’ At least he’d remembered to check the elf’s name.

Her smile widened. ‘Halli Oakblossom. Isn’t it a wonderful day?’

‘Stupid elf names,’ Dork said.

Halli swung her bow around. ‘I could have this arrow up your left nostril before you breathe.’ She was still smiling.

‘Wouldn’t take many hit points,’ Dork said.

Dane sighed. “We’re only level two. We don’t have many hit points.’

‘Better find a fight then,’ Dork said.

Dork and Halli are two of the major characters in 'An Ancient Evil'. In Dane's reality, of course. Personally, they're two of my favourites, but everyone will have different ideas.

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