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A call to evil

The gods are happy. Their first world was a raging success.

Now they have to create the sequel.

Lukas and Dane have each saved Empire's Edge from the soul reavers. Lukas still has his doubts about the quest but is desperate to rescue his brother and sister. In the other reality, Dane has growing concerns about the way his world works. What are the gods doing? Why is his world so ... wrong?

Their answers will only come by defeating the Ultimate Evil.

To do that, they must first reach the magical southern continent. They must trek across the Southern Badlands, past the Last Outpost, through the eerie Swamplands and cross the isthmus searching for the artefacts that the gods say they need to complete their quest.

They know the soul reavers will do everything they can to stop them.

And the shadows are still watching.


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The gods create a new world. The God of Myth knows how reality should look, but the God of Everything has a plan of his own. Two worlds are created, two different realities. Into each world a hero is born destined to defeat the Evil that threatens each of their empires.

Evil attacks. Imps, shades and something far more mysterious, far more dangerous. Both heroes are forced to flee.

The God of Myth’s Lukas gathers a party of courageous warriors but discovers each is hiding secrets. The God of Everything’s Dane discovers that the companions the gods send him are often more annoying than helpful.

Lukas wants his family safe and to be back rebuilding their farm, if weird wizards didn’t keep annoying him about his destiny. Dane wants to defeat Evil and become the greatest avatar ever created, if only his hit points didn’t keep spiraling into the sky whenever he’s hit.

Meanwhile the shadows are watching everything, even the gods, and everyone knows you can’t trust shadows.

An intriguing tale with parallel storyline’s that keeps you guessing - enjoyable to read with a quirky sense of humour woven throughout.

Sam Gibson

Russell is an amazing writer and you will truly see it in his work. When you read, you'll find yourself laughing at places you really don't expect, and it'll make you ready for a mind-bending adventure that you wouldn't know you'd love before you go on it.

Vincent Lam

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Daniel Nichols is a seventy-three-year-old pensioner who is told by three angels that he is the Chosen One.

His quest is to defeat the Evil that has always plagued mankind.

Armed with a baseball bat and a banana, Daniel sets out on his quest with three angels inside his head as guides.

He travels through a number of strange dimensions, meeting heroes, villains and ordinary people. He soon learns that in order to defeat the Evil, he must understand what in hell the Evil really is.

Oh, no! Wave the banana, Daniel. Wave the banana.

An inter-dimensional adventure full of delightful absurdity with a pessimistic protagonist we can all relate to on this journey. Each scene is a clever snapshot into society and the author’s quirks and humour shine throughout.

Sam Gibson


Russell's refreshingly witty style is like nothing I've read before, but will certainly read again. Love it!

Gillian Mcconnell

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Annabelle is sixteen when she is summoned by the Eldest, the oldest living tree in The Land.
The Eldest gives her a mission: she must convince the ruler of the humans that the dust of progress is about to envelop The Land, killing every living thing.

To save The Land, the humans, particularly The Company, must change their ways.

Accompanied by a white owl and an eagle, Annabelle makes her way back to the city. She encounters different people, machines and hybrids—some helpful, some not. Will the ruler even deign to see her? Will anybody important talk with her? Will anybody listen?

The Eldest also gave her a side quest: to collect a pumpkin. No one, not even Annabelle, realises that the future of the human race depends on her and something a cook might use to make a pie.

And all the time the dust is getting thicker …

Ok no spoilers here, I enjoyed reading this one and at first, though it seemed a little slow to take off ( or perhaps I just didn’t give it the time it was ultimately due) it certainly picked up the pace as it went along.

In the end I couldn’t put it down.

You know those books that leave you thinking “hmm” for a long time to come? Well this is one of them…

Looking forward to the next one for sure.

Good job Russell.

You left me hanging… In a good way (-;

Ronald Bell

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