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An Ancient Evil -Teaser 3

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Reality 3 – The Avatar

There were whispers in the dark of oblivion; whispers from formless shapes that flittered through the black.

Dane Stronginthearm pondered the presence of those shapes and how he could know they were there in the dark. One tendril of his mind began searching for theories of reality as he stepped into the mists of creation. He had no substance, but the gods had given him a name and called him forth. He was about to begin his adventure. He was about to fulfil his destiny and destroy the evil that threatened mankind.

He was about to become the avatar.

The gods seemed very slow.

A screen appeared in front of him. It was the creation screen where he would prepare his persona for the world. He waited for the gods to give him his first choice.

Finally it arrived.


Hmm, that was the third reality in 'An Ancient Evil', book 1 of 'The Year Reality Broke'. You’ll have to work out what it is, but many of you would have already guessed.

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