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'A Call To Evil' will be delayed.

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

I'm afraid the second book of my trilogy, 'A Call to Evil' will not be released as soon as I had hoped. Unfortunately, my editor, Rebecca Wylie, has suffered a series of serious mishaps and illness.

She is now back and working, but book 2 of 'The Year Reality Broke' is still some months away from being published.

Sorry for anyone who may be waiting, but Rebecca and I have formed a good team and I really didn't want to begin work on the rewrite until I had her editorial report.

However, 'A Call to Evil' will be ready as soon as possible next year. On the plus side, book 3, 'The Ultimate Evil' is well under way and shouldn't be too far behind 'A Call to Evil'.

I have initiated the cover design for 'A Call to Evil'. Donika Mishineva's basic working version is below. I've already seen the 'next stage' so I can assure you the final cover will be even better., as if that was ever in doubt.

Thank you Donika.

Hopefully 2022 will see the release of 'A Call to Evil', 'The Ultimate Evil' and the third novella in 'The Human Factor' series called 'The Final Frontier'.

Sorry if I don't have time for much else.

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