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A Call to Evil trailer

Watch the trailer:

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The gods are happy. Their first world was a raging success.

Now they have to create the sequel.

Lukas and Dane have each saved Empire’s Edge from the soul reavers. Lukas

still has his doubts about the quest but is desperate to rescue his brother and sister. In the other reality, Dane has growing concerns about the way his world works. What are the gods doing? Why is his world so … wrong?

Their answers will only come by defeating the Ultimate Evil.

To do that, they must first reach the magical southern continent. They must trek across the Southern Badlands, past the Last Outpost, through the eerie Swamplands and cross the isthmus searching for the artefacts that the gods say they need to complete their quest.

They know the soul reavers will do everything they can to stop them.

And the shadows are still watching.

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