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A Call to Evil - Teaser 5

Updated: Nov 26, 2023

The Avatar

Gamil waved. Somebody waved back from the side Halli was on, but Dane couldn't see the top of the cliff he was under.

'Alright, let's give Thralline a little longer. She won't be as quick as Halli.' He hoped his plan worked. It was his first experiment at changing one of those silly rules, allowing his companions to move as long as he could see them on the map.

Dork and Gamil nodded. Mustava, Rolf and White Knight were a little further back on the other side of the ravine.

They waited.

Dane crossed his fingers. Didn't that mean good luck? He was worried because he hadn't been able to physically see Thralline for some minutes.

That should be enough time, he thought. No, perhaps just a little longer.

'I'm, getting bored.' Dork said.

'Isn't it a wonderful day?' Halli called from the top of the cliff.

'I'd rather not talk about it,' Mustava said from the other side of the ravine.

'Quiet,' Thralline called from the top of the other cliff. 'I need to concentrate.'

'I told you I was human,' Rolf said.

'Evil must be punished,' screamed White Knight.

Bandits surged out from all three huts. More were coming from the cave. There must have been at least twenty, and they were all armed.

The avatar felt like screaming. Shit, this was supposed to be an ambush! I've got to turn off those bloody character comments.

He didn't have time now. Dork and White Knight were already charging, and the bandits were responding.

Damn! I told Dane he needed to do something about those comments. it was really getting difficult to keep writing them.

Ah, well, Dane's well into his adventure now, but he still has a lot to learn about how his reality works.

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