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A Call to Evil - Teaser 4

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

The Destined Hero

Yawdri looked back from the other side of the river. For a second it looked as though she would come back over the bridge, but then she turned and gazed out over the Badlands, as if refusing to look back at the bodies.

How had she managed to shoot them in the fog? Lukas shook his head in a vain attempt to clear his thinking. The acolyte was leading the mules around the body near the front of the bridge.

'Some of them may be alive,' Lukas said.

Karl shook his head. 'They're all dead. The Tainted One doesn't miss.'

'Why do you call her that?'

The acolyte shrugged. 'It's something to do with her past.'

Lukas glanced back at the body at his feet and looked away quickly. We're going to have to kill more than a few bandits if we're going to succeed, he thought. Surely that makes us evil and not good? He looked across to the Southern Badlands. Crossing the bridge was a final commitment to the quest. Once across, there would surely be no turning back.

'Hurry up, lad. We can't dawdle here.' The barbarian waited, one hand fondling the locket.

Lukas bit his lip and began the walk across the bridge, feeling the weight of his destiny with every step.

Finally the real quest has started. What evils will Lukas have to commit to defeat the Ultimate Evil? Why is Yawdri called the Tainted One? And why does Throm keep fiddling with that damned locket?

Will Dane find his version of the quest any easier?

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