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A Call to Evil - Teaser 3

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Reality 3 - The Avatar

Dane Stronginthearm paused at the door, wondering if he should even bother. The Gwindos in his world was far less helpful than the one in the farm boy's world. He sighed and knocked.


The avatar glanced at his party, which now included White Knight. 'Wait here. I only have to ask him a few questions.'

'I'll smash 'em.' Dork Ul Mansak looked smug.

'I'll do my very, very, very best.' Halli Oakblossom frowned, but her usual smile returned almost immediately.

'I have a potion for that.' Mustava Tonic also frowned, then quickly bowed her head.

'I'll bring back all the goodies.' Gamil Lightfingers began looking around the corridor, presumable for barrels.

'I'll use my strongest spells.' Thralline appeared thoughtful and glanced around at the others.

'I will do whatever is humanly possible.' Rolf looked like Rolf.

'Death to all evil.' White Knight glanced at the others, as if they might be on his list.

Dane grimaced. He knew that simply telling them about the silly comments achieved nothing. At least Mustava and Halli had looked confused after speaking. He opened the door and strode in to confront the wizard.

'Ah, the avatar. I was hoping you would come by. Have you been to the Tower of Many Voices?'


Ah, Dane will have to find a way to change those damned comments. But what the heck is the 'Tower of Many Voices'. There really are some weird names in reality 3.

Still Dane has the same quest as Lukas: find and defeat the Ultimate Evil.

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