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A Call to Evil - Teaser 1

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Reality 1 – The Gods

The God of Everything smiled as he watched the god in the dirty brown robe scuttle out of the Celestial Quest Chamber , having brought yet another chair from the Mana Generator. Never before had the first meeting of the year been so popular. Not only were all the gods present, but so were six of the gods of making absolutely sure things work. Of course, so was the usual interloper. There was space around the God of Flatulence , even though everywhere else around the table was crowded.

'Better make the meeting short,' said the God of Almost Everything. 'There's nowhere for anyone to move further away from him.

The God of Everything frowned at his subordinate, glared across at his brother-in-law, sighed, and held up his hand for quiet.

'As you all know, the new world we created last year has been a resounding success.'

'I thought I heard an echo,' said the God of Useless Comments Always Said at the Wrong Time.

Well, that's the beginning of reality one in 'A Call to Evil' - book two of 'The Year Reality Broke'. What are the gods planning to do this year? Of course there are two other realities in this story and for Lukas and Dane, it's still the same year. What adventures await each of them?

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