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An Ancient Evil - Teaser 2

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Reality 2 – The Destined Hero

Lukas Matthewson gaped as the imperial litter approached from the north. Thousands of soldiers had already rounded the corner of Imperial Way and headed west towards Waystop 46. From there, they would continue to the city of Empire’s Edge, another two days march, even for the legions. Thousands more legionaries came towards the three men standing just to the south-east of the corner, marching in a precision that only the legions could manage.

However, it was the eight slaves carrying the emperor that caused Lukas to gawk. Feet shackled, the creatures shuffled forward in a gait between a walk and a jog.

‘Ogres!’ Owen Peters said, his words a whisper of awe.

Lukas’s father wiped his bald head. ‘Fierce damn fighters. Killed a few friends of mine. Still, shouldn’t be slaves. Not even ogres.’

Despite the burden and the shackles, the beasts appeared proud. One glanced their way as it passed, and Lukas stared into human-like eyes. He saw the pride reflected there, but there was also a touch of misery, even anger. The ogre turned its gaze back to the way.

Emperor Pontius Julius Alexander Octavius Marcus Antonius Pilate the Third didn’t even deign to part the curtains as he was swept past the three plebeians standing at the corner to pay homage. Further back, Lukas could see the banners of the eleventh legion approaching.

Well, that’s reality two, but there still another reality in 'An Ancient Evil', book1 of ‘The Year That Reality Broke'. Hmm, this one sounds a little Roman. Wonder what the third one is?

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