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A Call to Evil - Teaser 2

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Reality 2 - The Destined hero

Lukas Matthewson felt the tap of Throm's blade on his shoulder and stepped back in disgust, feeling the rising heat in his body, the sign of the emerging dragon.

'This is ridiculous. I'm not improving and we're losing time. When are we going after Lisbeth and Tomas?'

He threw his sword to the floor and spun to look for the wizard. He saw the looks on the faces around him and regretted the action immediately, knowing his father would have chided him for being childish.

Damn it! I need to be searching for Lisbeth and Tomas.

Around them, the seats had been pulled aside from the centre of the assembly room and arranged to form a ring. He was acutely conscious of the few acolytes, dressed in their long light-grey robes, who paused to amuse themselves, some even sitting to cheer. Calem Rorke rested comfortably in a front row seat, no doubt preparing his critique. Yawdri Karma sat beside the half-elf, and Lukas frowned to see her dressed in a similar outfit to the half-elf—a short cloak and leggings—though her outfit was a rather lighter green.

The wizard was outside the ring, over near the staircase, talking to Karl White and Lukas's mother.


Well, Lukas is naturally worried about his brother and sister, but he does have to train for a rather important quest, and those soul reavers are out there somewhere. I wonder what Dane is doing in reality 3?

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